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section 8 notice

What is a Section 8 Notice

A section 8 notice operates under section 8 of the Housing Act 1988. A section 8 notice is different from the more common section 21 notice because it is served by a landlord wishing to regain possession of a property during the fixed term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. A section 21 notice can only be used for regaining possession at the end of a tenancy agreement.


A section 8 notice can only be issued to a tenant who has breached the terms of the tenancy agreement and if certain conditions have been met ie. not paying rent. The landlord cannot evict a tenant without initially obtaining an order for possession from a court. Before applying for an order for possession, the landlord must serve a Section 8 notice on the tenant. 


There are many grounds for a landlord serving a section 8 notice, the main one being if the tenant is not paying rent. If this is the case for you please follow this link to evict a tenant not paying rent


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